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Simply Moving to Oregon!

Some of you are friends or family, some I know through my Doula work or EC Classes, and some are colleagues from past organizations I have worked with. I have hand picked you to be a part of my journey and welcome you all to my Living Simply Newsletter!

The purpose of this first newsletter is to announce big news in my life. Our family is moving to Oregon! As a way to stay connected (nope, I’m still not doing Facebook)  I will be sharing my adventures and insights on living simply via this newsletter. If you would prefer to not receive my newsletter please unsubscribe at the bottom. Please email or call me whenever you’d like!

After a long search for the right property, our family (myself, Jaki and Sahara) will be joining two other families (Marcie, Jacob and Juno & Lou) in Southern Oregon. What about Sahara’s dad, Rob? He is staying in El Cerrito until June in his position as Spanish Teacher at the East Bay Waldorf School at which point he will decide what direction he will go. Oregon is definitely high on his list.  In the meantime, we will be visiting each other often!

Where? When?
Our beautiful new property is located on the Applegate River – yes, we can hear and see the river outside our front yard! – in the Applegate Valley just outside Jacksonville, Oregon. We are about 15 minutes from Jacksonville, 25 minutes from Medford, 45 minutes from Ashland and a 6 hour drive from the Bay Area.  It is a total of 10 acres with 6 of those acres being delicious farm land. Our families will be sharing a 3 bedroom house and one yurt until we build other structures.

We will be leaving the Bay Area mid-December in time for Sahara to start the Winter Session at the Woodland Waldorf Charter School.

Click HERE to see a 10 second video of our new property!
With a big move and many life changes ahead I am ever more conscious of moving towards simplicity. This is not a new direction for me or our family. Over the last couple of years we have made many lifestyle changes with the intent of consuming less and creating less trash. The further I move in the direction of simplicity the happier I am and the more I realize the importance of doing so. Living simply isn’t always convenient, it takes time to change bad habits, and it can seem overwhelming if I think about tackling everything at once. When I shift things slowly and steadily the changes come much easier.

As I transition into my new life in Oregon I’ll be sharing my journey, especially as it relates to reducing and simplifying my world.

Why? Because it’s crucial to our survival and it brings happiness!
I truly believe living with less and consuming less is what we MUST do if our planet and future generations are to survive. Many others, such as the Center for a New American Dream, agree and are also endeavoring to teach us all. It’s proven science – when we live with less we are happier!

With that in my mind and heart, I seek to encourage and inspire you to do the same. I would love to hear how YOU live simply and invite you to share your ideas so I can put them into practice and share them with others.

Stay tuned for practical tips and solutions to living simply! In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our new home in Oregon.

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