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Moving Simply – Simply Moving to Oregon!

For many years now I have dreamed of being in partnership with land and that dream is fast approaching. After a long search for the right property, our family (myself, Jaki and Sahara) will be joining two other families (Marcie, Jacob and Juno & Lou) in Southern Oregon. Our beautiful new property is located on the Applegate River – yes, we can hear and see the river outside our front yard! – in the Applegate Valley just outside Jacksonville, Oregon. We are about 15 minutes from Jacksonville, 25 minutes from Medford, 45 minutes from Ashland and a 6 hour drive from the Bay Area. Far enough to reside in a rural setting but close enough for everyone to visit!

Click on the link below to see a 10 second video of our new property!


With a big move, career and many life changes ahead of I am ever more conscious of moving towards simplicity. It’s not always convenient and it definitely requires change. But it always feels great when those changes are made and I know that future generations (and our planet) will appreciate and benefit from my efforts.

As I transition into my new life in Oregon I’ll be sharing my journey, especially as it relates to reducing and simplifying my world. After all, I’m about to step into a temporary living situation with far less space than I’m used to.What better time than now to simplify?!

I gaze upon all the rooms in my home and look at the all the stuff I never use. If I haven’t looked up a hike in “California’s Best Hikes” will I really do so in Oregon? Why do I have a drawer full of kitchen utensils of which I only regularly use one? How long will I let that old computer sit in my closet before I figure out what I need to do before donating it? Ah….I’m sure we all have these ‘skeletons’ of unused items in our drawers in closets. The exciting part is getting rid of them! (And saying, “No!” to new stuff.)

Learning to live with less isn’t always easy or the most convenient. However, it truly is what we MUST do if our planet and future generations are to survive. Even if you aren’t planning a big move in the near future, I invite you to find ways to live with less and hope to encourage and inspire you to do so!

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