Let go that which does not serve you. A clutter free space feels open and light!


Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or simply want to reduce the amount of stuff you have, doing so gives you a feeling of freedom and space.


Create a kitchen that feels great to cook in. Learn ways to create less food and packaging waste.

Simplify a Child’s Room

The Simplicity Parenting movement shows the many benefits of a clutter free kid’s bedroom.

Redefining Space

Clear out space to create room for a new baby, new creative space, guest room, or office.


Moving? Expecting a new baby? Starting a new business? These are all great times to simplify and organize!


I was lucky to be able to have Simona help me with my office just before she moved out of California. When we started, that room was just a glorified storage closet with stuff thrown in everywhere.

Within 4 hours, I had a functional office space, tools to use to continue on my overwhelming house-clearing mission, and resources to complete projects that had been left partially done for years. It’s amazing to have a calming, purposeful and dedicated partner in crime to resolve clutter and organizational issues. I will absolutely avail myself of Simona’s talents again in the future.

I will say that every penny spent was worth its weight in gold!

– Pilar

Tips for Your Daily Life

Home Appreciation

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Applegate Valley – Immersed in Nature

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