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Reducing what you own, creating space, creating systems that save energy, time, and money, finding ways to create less trash, and making time for people and activities you love and bring you joy – this is what simplifying is all about.

Simplifying is something that challenges most of us. Stuff comes to us from nearly everywhere and we’ve been conditioned to expect and want the convenience that much of this stuff offers. We all have closets, drawers, and even rooms full of stuff we want and need to go through but it’s often overwhelming to do on our own. Take a deep breath and allow me to help!

I truly believe living with less and consuming less is what we MUST do if our planet and future generations are to survive. Many others, such as the Center for a New American Dream, agree and are also endeavoring to teach us all. It’s proven science – when we live with less we are happier!

With that in mind and heart I look forward to helping YOU simplify your life!

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