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The Egyptians believed when a person died their heart was removed and placed on a scale. On the other side of the scale was a feather. If that person’s heart was as light as a feather, they gained entrance into the next world. I love this concept because it’s a wonderful reminder to lighten up.

Whether it’s lightening your physical load by de-cluttering your space, your mental load by getting organized, or your heart by letting go of that which does not serve, it all feels the same – wonderfully light!

As a licensed Real Estate Agent in Southern Oregon I spend much of my time helping people buy and sell their beloved homes, which is often a perfect time to downsize, de-cluttter, and get organized. Perhaps you’d like to de-clutter so as to get your home ready to show. Perhaps you are downsizing and need to let go of the things you no longer really need. Or perhaps you simply want to move into your new home with less stuff and more space.

Whatever your simplifying goals, I look forward to helping you feel lighter!

      • De-clutter – If it doesn’t serve you or bring you joy, let it go.
      • Simplify Your Kitchen – Create less food & packaging waste and enjoy a clutter free kitchen.
      • Downsize – Living with less stuff is liberating.
      • Simplify a Child’s Room – Give your children the gift of space.
      • Garage / Attic / Storage Unit Simplification – Purge what you don’t use and organize what you have so you can always find what you need.
      • Redefine Space – Clear space to create room for a new baby, creative space, guest room, or office.
      • Transitions – Moving? Expecting a new baby? Starting a new business? These are all great times to simplify and organize.

Kitchen Simplification Special
$125 – 4 hour session

  • Create a kitchen that feels great to cook in and learn ways to create less packaging waste!

Hourly Rates
$35 / hour with a 4 hour minimum.

I provide a free phone consultation to estimate the number of hours needed for a particular project. My services include removing items to be donated from your home and dropping them off at donation centers.

$150 – Do It Yourself Home Staging

Occupying your home while it’s listed on the market? A clean and de-cluttered home is essential when showing your home! Using your furniture and accessories I will provide recommendations for staging. You will receive a detailed report with action items to get your home looking its best and ready to sell.