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Homemade Sprouts

I love sprouts. I love them on sandwiches, salads, and I especially love them on my favorite breakfast – toast with soft boiled eggs and smoked salmon. I have heard that sprouts are really good for you but, until now, I never did the research to find out just how good they are. Sprouts are REALLY good for you! They are high in fiber and enzymes making them especially good for digestion. They are high in protein and have a high content of vitamins, minerals and omega-3. From preventing cancer to boosting metabolism to preventing anemia sprouts are a fantastic super food.

Sprouts are magical. They are an instant garden of greens no matter what time of year it is and you don’t need gardening experience.

Sprouts are ridiculously easy to make! All it takes is a wide mouth mason jar, a sprouting lid, and sprout seeds. I purchased my lids as a two pack for about $5 at Ace Hardware. You can usually find sprout seeds at a natural food store but you can also get them on-line. Whenever possible, use organic seeds.

How to Make Sprouts

  1. Place sprout seeds in a wide mouth mason jar with a mesh sprout lid.
  2. Rinse sprout seeds once and then fill the jar about half way with water and allow the seeds to soak overnight (or all day).
  3. Drain the sprouts and give them another rinse (keeping the mesh lid on while you do) and drain them of water.
  4. With the jar sideways, shake the jar so the seeds fall along the bottom side of the jar. Place the jar lying on it’s side and cover it with a cloth napkin or towel. The napkin / towel keeps the seeds in a dark place for the first couple of days encouraging them to sprout faster. I like to place my jar near the sink so it’s in my visual range and then I’m more likely to remember to rinse them.
  5. Every morning rinse the seeds one or two times and then drain them of water. You want to keep the seeds wet but not soaking in water. If it’s a hot day you may need to rinse them again later in the afternoon or evening. Again, you want the seeds to be wet but not soaking and you definitely don’t want them to dry out.
  6. After the second or third day, remove the napkin / towel, which allows light to the seeds. By now you will see they have started to sprout.
  7. Continue rinsing the sprouts daily until they are ready, usually about 5-7 days total.

Storage & Use

I like to keep mine in the same glass jar in the fridge but you can also transfer them to a tupperware. They will keep for a little over a week in the fridge or a cooler. Sprouts are one of my favorite greens to bring camping as they don’t take up much space and last longer than other greens. If you want to have sprouts available all the time, start making your next batch as soon as the first one is done.

Enjoy the magic of your sprout garden!

(photo credit : joone! on Flickr)

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