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Home Appreciation

When my daughter was 2 we traveled to Thailand for a month and a half. While there I received an email from my housemate, Marcie, that we had 30 days to leave our beloved home as it was being put on the market. I cried for a solid chunk of that night as I wondered how we would find another home as lovely in the very pricey Bay Area. I felt sorry for myself, sad, and anxious at the thought of finding a new home.

The next morning we were on a water taxi in Bangkok that took us past ramshackle homes where entire families were living in one room. It was in that moment I suddenly had an immense appreciation for whatever home was to come next. I knew it would be more than a ramshackle single room and I was filled with extreme gratitude for our new home to come.

Marcie, myself and our community now live in a beautiful river front home in Oregon. While our home may not be updated with current decor (hello 1972!), I feel the same way about this home as I have with nearly every home I’ve lived in. Appreciation & Gratitude!

The more we appreciate something, the more inclined we are to take care of it, whether it’s your health, a good friend or your home. We nurture and respect that which we appreciate. We appreciate that which we are grateful for.

As a Realtor I now understand, in a slightly different way, the importance of taking care of your home. I see first hand what it means when a listing says “pride of ownership”. A well cared for home is very attractive to buyers!

Then there’s “deferred maintenance”. This is a home that has been lived in, sometimes awfully hard, with little tending. Whether for financial reasons or general avoidance, repairs and deep cleaning are not kept up. Slowly but surely these repairs add up to a real cost! What might be a quick and inexpensive fix if attended to immediately could easily turn into a money pit if left unattended for years. Depending on how serious the required maintenance (is the roof leaking?) the home may not qualify for certain types of financing, thus making it more difficult to sell.

Dealing with maintenance issues can be challenging but it’s always best to address them as soon as possible. It may be easy to say you haven’t enough time or money but, remember, it’s likely to cost you more of both the longer you put it off. Stay on top of repairs by taking care of them as they come up.

Whether you own or rent, we are all fortunate enough to live in more than a ramshackle room with our entire family. We have so much in our homes to be grateful for – heat, a roof, kitchens, toilets, running water!

Consider the beautiful home you live in and express gratitude for all it provides!

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