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Simona & Sahara

By encouraging simplicity and personal intuition, I empower parents to care and provide for their families in a way that brings about ease, joy and a deep respect for our earth.

Providing and caring for our families is one of the most important jobs we, as parents, have chosen. The way we provide and care for our children affects not only ourselves and our children, but also the physical world we live in – our beautiful Earth. In order for future generations (that’s your Grandchildren I’m talking about) to be able to live on a healthy planet, we must work to HEAL our planet and then keep it healthy.

There are so many ways parents can shift family lifestyles and choices to help bring ourselves and our Earth into a more harmonious balance. I invite you to step up to this great work and teach your children how to not only care for themselves and others, but also their home – Mother Earth.